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Resistance Map Pack 2 Details

IGN has some info on the the two new Maps that should be on the PSN some time this month. They are called Bracknell and Axbridge.

They have an interview with Ted price who goes into more detail about the Maps.

Personally, I’m fed up with Resistance. Having achieved 18,026 kills for 10,016 deaths, I have less motivation to carry on.

It has the best lobby and party system by far of any PS3 online game that I’ve played to date, which is why we keep going back to it. I haven’t tried CoD4 online yet so can’t comment on that but I have heard some worrying comments from Henning about that.

Some of the problems with Resistance comes from some of the absolute scum that play the game. I’m talking about spawn killers, laggers, glitchers and cowardly snipers who have no intention of capturing the flag or taking the nodes but just camp outside getting kills. They obviously aren’t good enough to play death matches so resort to boosting their precious K:D ratio by using dirty tactics in Team Objectives. Pathetic.

I also take issue with Insomniac’s absolutely terrible “moderating system”. My friends and I have reported loads of players for lagging, glitching or spawn killing during a game and not once has a player been kicked or removed from the game.

Then there’s the people that re-spawn behind you and proceed to shoot you in the back. What the hell Insomniac!!! Is it too much to ask that players don’t re-spawn right behind you in TO”s, in a neutral location???

Then there’s Map Pack 1, which took months before it was introduced into Team Objectives, meaning that the only time we tried the maps out was during a custom game or two.

I won’t be getting Map Pack 2 (unless it’s free) and despite Insomniac’s recent update, which has caused more problems than it’s fixed in my opinion (the Arc Charger is ruined now), I’m pretty much done with Resistance.

I’ve really enjoyed Resistance for the most part. Had some great times and some memorable matches despite the idiots.

I hope Resistance 2 fixes some of the problems that FoM has while keeping and enhancing upon the excellent lobby and party system.

Resistance Map Pack 2 Info