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PS3’s Big 5 This Christmas

Christmas is coming up, and we’re all hoping for some gaming goodness under the artificial tree this year. So I thought I’d take a stab at predicting the top five sellers for the PLAYSTATION 3 in the coming yuletide season.

5.Five – UT3

There are two big shooters this fall that haven’t been released yet, and I think that UT3 for the PS3 will be a much bigger draw than Haze will. Epic has been pumping out excellent Unreal Tournament games for a while now, and with claims that UT3 on the PS3 will look better than Gears of War, I’m betting on UT3 in the UT3 versus Haze battle. Not only will the game look great, but it will have vehicles, new modes, and mod support. What other PS3 game has that?

4.Four – Rock Band

Guitar Hero 3 is ripping up the sales charts, but we haven’t seen Harmonx’ new title, Rock Band, in action yet. Sales of GH3 on the PS3 haven’t been that great, so I’m predicting that people are waiting for Rock Band instead. With the ability to play bass guitar, lead guitar, drums, or to sing your way to stardom, this game has a little bit of everything, and each bit looks awesome. Also, Rock Band seems to be more than just Guitar Hero with drums. It has a career mode for all four members of the band to play together, plus it has careers for each individual instrument.

3.Three – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

This game is gorgeous – everyone is raving about the demo. Personally, I found it a bit hard to control, but from what I’ve read on the net, I seem to be in the minority. The PS3 has been lacking a solid action game that shows off the system, and we seem to have found it. The game is built around three things: platforming (running, jumping, etc), shooting, and fist fighting. It looks like this game got all three right, and with some wonderful animations to boot.

2.Two – Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

Speaking of showing off the system, you can’t get more showy than Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. I’ve seen reports on the net comparing it to a PIXAR movie. While I wouldn’t go that far, this game certainly does look wonderful. But what’s looks without brains? This title seems to have the legs to make it as a wonderful showcase for what a game should be. And it’s only available on the PS3.

1.One – Call of Duty 4

Of course you saw this one coming, right? Call of Duty 4 may have a couple teething issues when it comes to getting online, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is the best shooter available on any platform, anywhere. CoD4 will burn up the sales charts on all platforms, including the PLAYSTATION 3. The levelling up system is addictive. The range of weapons is vast, and the level design is pure genius. The game modes have been changed up a bit to make things interesting, too. Infinity Ward did a great job making this game look, feel, and play great. This is the shooter to beat, guys.

There you have my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Sound out in your comments.