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Four Player Racing

You know what I’m really missing in this console generation? A good racing game. Wait. Let me qualify that. A good racing game that I can play with my friends at my place. There are currently no four player splitscreen racing games on the PLAYSTATION 3. (PSN titles don’t count.) And there are currently no really good two player splitscreen racing games on the PLAYSTATION 3. The only half-decent one I can think of (two player) is SEGA Rally Revo. It’s decent, but it only has five tracks. Where’s the replayability in that? And don’t get me started on Need for Speed all tracks look the same Carbon.

Please developers, splitscreen isn’t dead! Online shouldn’t replace splitscreen, it should supplement it! The Burnout series of games were great fun, though only two player. The next one, due early next year, is single player only. That was a huge disappointment. This is just not right.

I’m currently in the planning stages for building my basement. I already have a 57″ rear-projection HDTV, and I plan to one day buy a projector and a nice, big, 100″ screen. But I won’t be throwing out my old HDTV, I’ll be keeping it. I’m now thinking that if I have both the TV and projector in the same room, on different walls, and have an L-shaped couch, and get a friend to bring over a PS3, I might finally be able to play games like MotorStorm together with my friends in one place! Sheesh. This is getting complicated.

I’m much rather have developers give us four-player splitscreen support. If the PS2 and Xbox could do it, surely the much more powerful PS3 and 360 should be able to.