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FOURAXIS: PS3 Trickle-down to PS2?

Here, in an interview with Steve Foster of SCEE, and Lana-Jane Pike from local distributor Ster-Kinekor Games in South Afrika, we find some interesting discussion of a new controller for the PS2:

GN: Did the continued popularity of the PlayStation 2 over the PlayStation 3 catch Sony a little bit unawares? In other words, wasn’t the original intent for the PlayStation 3 to replace the PlayStation 2 user base?

SF: No… I mean, ultimately yes, but short term, no. The people you’re aiming at are quite different. I mean, someone who would be looking to buy a PlayStation 2 right now would not be looking to buy a PlayStation 3. He may do it in a dream kind of way, but not in a reality kind of way.

So the communities are very different that you’re targeting. So yes, PlayStation 3 will ultimately replace PlayStation 2 but the fascinating thing about working in markets like South Africa is you’ve got such a diverse public with people at different stages of life and capabilities of buying different technologies depending on where they live. This leaves for a very vibrant market that will continue to grow on PlayStation 2 and PSP and PS3 and there’s room for all of them. So yeah, we look on PlayStation 2 as a replacement for Wii, not for PlayStation 3. (Smiles)

GN: You’ll have to do something about the controller then.

SF: (Laughs)

LJP: Well if you look at the EyeToy, you’re using yourself as a controller. There is no controller, what better controller than that? You’re hitting stuff out of the air.

SF: And of course on PlayStation 2 we are introducing next year a wireless PlayStation 2 controller. A first party one that will have Bluetooth, so it’s going to be as good a quality as the PS3 one.

GN: Will it also include the SIXAXIS technology?

SF: It’s not six, it’s going to be four — FOURAXIS.

GN: And rumble?

SF: Can’t remember, off-hand.

A Bluetooth FOURAXIS controller for the PS2? Sounds mighty interesting… (And by Bluetooth, I assume they’ll use a USB Bluetooth dongle. But who knows?)

I assume they’ll remove two of the lateral movements to bring the degrees of movement down from six to four. But I’m just guessing. I don’t know why they bother, unless it’s to differentiate the PS3 from the PS2. | features