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Uncharted: Buy or Rent?

I have only played the demo, but Uncharted looks like a great title. However, from the impressions that I’ve read it will take around ten hours to complete and the replay options sound limited. Others have said that they love replaying to get all the treasure items and bonus points, but realistically, I don’t see myself doing that. I’ve also heard that the play time is very action packed and has minimal repitition and “fluff”, but the simple fact is that I can rent this, finish it, and then return it if I choose.


Should I rent or buy?

From a selfish consumer perspective, it seems like best option is to rent: it may be a great title, but I can simply rent for a few weeks at the small cost of my montly game rental service, and I will get most the enjoyment and experience out of the title.

On the other hand, I’d like to support these types of titles and see more of this type of product in the future. Renting definitely doesn’t do that. Regardless of how much I enjoy the product, the developer and publisher of the game will see almost no money from a rental.

I’m leaning towards renting. Sure, that behavior won’t support this type of high quality product, and if everyone starts doing that, these types of products will disappear, but that isn’t my job. My job as a consumer is to make myself happy for the least amount of money. Also, I am buying plenty of other PS3 products.

What are you planning to do?