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Warhawk - Operation: Omega Dawn pack

The dropship rumor turned out to be true! The KT-424 Combat Dropship can carry 1 pilot, 7 soldiers and a ground vehicle at once, and it’s packing some firepower too. It has a MBEC-3 Heavy Support Cannon. Also all the maps are being modified to include the dropship. Man the KT-424 Combat Dropship sounds like fun! Plus there is a new map “Omega Factory”, which takes place at night and is the largest map yet! It will arrive this December on the PLAYSTATION®Network. I think I’ve added another gaming present to my list to give myself this holiday season 🙂

Operation: Omega Dawn pack features:

Set at night for added impact and tension, the Operation: Omega Dawn pack for Warhawkâ„¢ features an enhanced level of teamwork, tactics and coordinated aerial assaults with the new KT-424 Combat Dropship.

  • Omega Factory battlefield includes 5 new map layouts featuring advanced building complexes and huge industrial towers.
  • KT-424 Combat Dropship transports 1 pilot, 6 soldiers and 1 ground vehicle; and features a deadly new weapon – the MBEC-3 Heavy Support Cannon.
  • The 5 large layouts from the original battlefields have been modified to include the KT-424 Combat Dropship.
  • All this in one single download from PLAYSTATION Network this December