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Shopping for a PS3 Steering Wheel Controller?

From the comments, Rachel asks,

Hello All – please help!!

I’m trying to get my boyfriend a steering wheel for his PS3 but can’t seem to find out which is the best one to get.

Any ideas?


I have the Logitech Driving Force Pro. It turns a full 900 degrees like a real wheel, it’s well built, and has a variety of force feedback effects. It works perfectly with most PS3 racing titles (everything except Motorstorm). This is probably the best pick for most people.

The is a newer higher end model. I haven’t used it, but I’m sure it’s better, but it’s also very expensive. Going by Amazon prices, the DFP is $99, while the G25 is $250.


If you want something now, I’d go for it. But if you can wait for GT5, they may come out with a newer better controller just like they did for the release of GT3 and GT4. However, that may be a while off.

If you are a big Gran Turismo fan, getting a real steering wheel controller is a must. It really completes the simulation experience. All the major variations of Gran Turismo have full support for these wheel controllers. They support full 900 degree steering and a variety of force feedback effects. This includes the Western release of the PS3 GT5 demo, the newer GT5 Prologue demo (currently only available through Japan store), and the much older full PS2 version of GT4.

For arcade racers, they are a nice addition but not really necessary. NFS, Burnout, and Ridge Racer all support Logitech’s steering wheels with force feedback effects. Motorstorm only works with the standard sixaxis controller. I haven’t tried Sega Rally Racing or Collin McRae’s Dirt.