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Why This Site is Still Important

Anyone can put up a game blog. Especially one like this, where we are just volunteer hobbyists and we don’t even have exclusive access to game previews or developer interviews.

However, I just listened to IGN’s PlayStation podcast, and that reminds me exactly why this type of site is more important than ever…

If you like PlayStation coverage that talks about how great PS3 titles like Resistance are boring, how the best thing in games is Microsoft branded Xbox Achievement Points, and how all of the editors are feeling tired and don’t want to get up and go through all that hassle of getting a PS3, then IGN is just for you. And that back button is right there on your web browser.

If you want PlayStation coverage by people who don’t merely have a lukewarm tolerance for the PS3, but are actually filled with genuine excitement and enthusiasm about the content and possibilities of the platform, and by people who have a beating pulse and couldn’t give two flipping f**ks about Microsoft corporate branding strategy Xbox Achievement Points or other marketing brand identity gimmick horsesh*t and want to play actual cutting edge, innovative games, then this is the site to come to.

OK, we need to take the good with the bad, talk about the shortcomings of the PS3 as well as it’s great spots, and we should generally avoid bashing the 360 which isn’t necessary to enjoying the PS3.

But there is simply no room for the tepid horsesh*t PlayStation coverage offered by IGN and GameSpot and others. If that’s what media coverage can offer, then why bother?

PS3 has some truely kick ass content out and sometimes there just needs to be someone who isn’t afraid to open their mouths and say so.

On the PS3, we have high tech, mainstream exclusives like Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, and God of War 2, we have cutting edge pioneering exclusives like Eye Of Judgement and Everyday Shooter and Manhunt 2, we have a variety of other exlcusives such as Folklore and PSN titles, we have first class day and date release versions of the best cross platform games such as CoD4 and Rock Band, we have the best peripherals such as PS Eye and Logitech’s new wireless Bluetooth keyboard and user upgradeable standard hard drives.

The PS3 has the absolute best lineup of games and content right now and by far the best lineup of things to come in 2008!

Need one more illustration of why sites like this one are necessary?

Hey IGN!

How many of your staff running your PlayStation podcast actually own PS3s? Just the one guy visiting from the Xbox team? No one else? Wow.

Hey ps3blog!

How many of us own PS3s!!!