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Pissed at PSN

For the warm-up. Let’s look at this new map pack for Resistance. Two maps (Axebridge and Bracknell) for $5 (minus a penny). Given that the original Resistance had a good number of maps, I won’t begrudge them charging for new maps, though I find the price a little steep. But the maps “will be available via the standard PLAYSTATION Store and not the in-game ‘Purchase’ option”. Why the heck not? Why do we have an in-game purchase option, if we can’t use it? Lame.

New Resistance Map Pack Out Today

Next up, some more vehicles and skins for MotorStorm. You get two new vehicles with three skins each, plus two new skins for the existing seven vehicle classes. Cost? $2 (minus a penny). Frankly, for a game that had not that many vehicles in the first place (and even worse, not many tracks), this is crazy. Why are they charging us for what should have been in the game in the first place? I’m getting tired of this “ship a bare bones product and then nickel and dime them to death for stuff that should have been in there in the first place” mentality! When is this gonna stop? I’ll tell you when! When you stop buying this crap and start complaining about it. I haven’t bought a vehicle pack yet, and I’m not gonna start with this one!

New MotorStorm Vehicles Out Today