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PixelJunk Monsters

This title is scheduled to hit PSN in December and rumored to hit next Thursday.


Not much info is available, but it very clearly looks like a tower defense title. If you haven’t played a tower defense game, they are really simple, very addicting, and somewhat mind numbing games. There are several free Flash versions:


These games seem like low hanging fruit: easy to make, very addicting and fun to play, yet mostly unoriginal.


Yet, despite the unoriginal concept, and plethora of free variants on the web, a well done rendition of this type of game would be a real safe crowd pleaser.

Speaking of safe crowd pleasers, why doesn’t PSN offer the staple checkers, chess, and card games that are so popular on Yahoo? Sure, they are already available everywhere, but they are pretty easy to develop and have such a wide appeal.

Anyone else looking forward to this?

Should PSN focus on safe crowd pleasers like this one, or risky and experimental titles, or a mix of the two?