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2007 PS3 Awards Nominations


Please nominate your favorites for the following categories in the comments. We’ll pick the top four nominations for each category for a final vote.

Note: 2007 releases only. Only games for PS3 are allowed. Games that only run on other platforms can’t be nominated, although feel free to discuss them. Demos and betas are excluded (such as GT5 and Home), but PSN-only games are fair picks.

UPDATE: The game needs to have had a western (Europe or North America) release in 2007 to be qualified. Games that are only out in Japan in 2007 are not eligible. Singstar and Resistance are eligible (both have 2007 Europe releases), Hot Shots Golf is not (released in Japan, won’t see western release until 2008).

UPDATE: Since this is a PS3 site, we are moving PS2 titles to a dedicated category. PS2 titles will not eligible for other categories.

UPDATE: I will keep an eye on this thread for further nominations. We will do a final vote later this month.

Best Fiction: Not only the best story or plot, but also the best characters, dialog, and setting.

Best Visual Wow Factor: Not necessarily the most technically sophisticated, or the highest paper specifications, but the title that delivers the biggest overall “wow” factor

Best Pioneer: What game did the most to push the field of video game entertainment forward?

Best Internet Multiplayer: This covers competitive play, co-op, and social networking features. Which is the best overall?

Best “Other”: Pick an area not covered by the other categories where a game particularly excelled. Did any game particularly wow you with music or the controls or the sound effects, or the art work, or the level design? Name both the game *and* the “other” category.

Most Overrated/Overhyped

Most Underrated/Underhyped

Best Surprise of the Year

Biggest Disappointment of the Year

Best PS2 Game Compatible with PS3

Game Of The Year: The best overall game of 2007