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Aquatopia Impressions and Wish List

It’s real simple. A nice, basic, one-screen fish screensaver with some basic PS Eye interactivity for $2.00. The fish are rendered nicely, and they have a few interesting reactions to people moving in front of the Eye, but that’s it.

It isn’t worth more than $2.00, there’s not much too it, but I got at least a solid five minutes of pure novelty, so I’m happy. If I can get unique five minute experiences like this for $2.00, I’ll buy them.

As is, the product is a neat mini tidbit. However, with a little more, they could make this into a really cool product. Here is my wish list:

  • The user should be able to use this like a real scrensaver. If your PS3 is sitting idle at the XMB for a certain duration, it should kick into either this or Folding@Home. A minor piont: this shouldn’t be listed under the games section
  • The user should be able to configure eye candy screensavers like this to run as an XMB background. Rather than have a simple static image like the current skins allow, the XMB should allow custom procedural animations like this fish tank. That would make a really cool skin!
  • It should run without the PS Eye. This is a no-brainer.

UPDATE: Fixed reference to “Aqua”. Thanks Segitz for spotting this. The Aquatopia screensaver has also gone by the name of Aqua Vita. “Aqua” is a working title for a completely different game. Both titles are published by Sony, run on the PS3, and are centered around photo realistic fish simulation. Confused? Well, I was.

We don’t know much about Aqua yet, but here is an older promising preview video in case you missed it: