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Got my White DUALSHOCK3

Remember this post about pre-ordering a DUALSHOCK3? Well, I finally got it in the mail on Friday. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy playing Guitar Hero 3 and doing other sundry stuff, I haven’t had much of a chance to test it out.

This is a picture of sombody’s white DUALSHOCK3, not mine. But mine looks exactly the same. What a coincidence!


First thing I did was test it with MotorStorm. I already had the patch (I thought!) so I was ready to go (I thought!). No rumble. Hmm. Try a big crash. Still no rumble. This sucks! So I go online just in case I didn’t have the patch, and voila, there it was. Downloaded the newest patch, tried again, and great! Now I had rumble! It’s off by default, so you have to turn it on. Plus, MotorStorm also gave the option of specifying how rumbly you want things. I assume this is an effort to help save battery life.

I didn’t notice any changes to the joysticks or buttons, but then again, I haven’t played CoD4 yet since I bought it. (Because of GH3 and the stats issues they’ve been having.)

As far as weight goes, yes this thing is heavier. But you know what? I got used to the light feel of the SIXAXIS, and prefer it. It’s much nicer to hold the lighter controller, IMHO.

If I notice anything else about this controller, I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, I invite anyone else who has a DS3 (Tosh?) to please post their impressions in the comments.