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GTA4 Trailer: Move Up, Ladies

So, what does everyone think?

Is the main character and the setting a good choice? Are the graphics good enough? And more importantly, beyond the graphics, will the game improve along with it?

From an IGN interview:

IGN: Is there anything in the trailer that people might overlook?

Rockstar: The level of detail – look at the wheels of the motor bikes, the details in the faces and light reflected in the river. This same level of details exists throughout the game – not just in terms of art, but also mission design, animation, physics, narrative, audio, AI and world atmosphere. Creating a detailed but still consistent and believable game world has always been one of our aims with any Grand Theft Auto, and for Grand Theft Auto IV it has led to an amazing amount of life and detail in every aspect of the production.

My vote is yes, the whole game will improve: the missions, the “world”, the atmosphere, and the writing. Obviously, you can’t see all that from the trailer, but I get the feeling that it will.

What do you think? Will the core game improve much? Will it retain the same free form, pick up and play and style that the series is known for?