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Burnout Paradise Rumbles

GamePro took a look a the Burnout Paradise demo and had this to say:

We downloaded and compared both versions side-by-side this afternoon, and after a cursory inspection, here’s what we know. The PS3 version looks shinier. The Xbox 360 version has rumble. So its pretty much a wash.

Which is great. Except for, well, the fact that it’s wrong. 🙂

The Burnout Paradise demo for the PS3 rumbles too! You just have to have a DUALSHOCK 3, like I do, to notice. It’s especially noticable on the train tracks.

All in all I thought the demo is great. It’s not one of those play for five seconds kind of demos. It actually gives you a pretty good impression of what the final game will be like. I especially enjoyed using the e-brake to spin myself around.

Sometimes, though, it’s a bit confusing. I got online with some other people without really even meaning to. (I was trying to check my friends list.) And then I got taken down six times in a row but some dweeb who wouldn’t leave me alone as I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

But I have to say I like how integrated everything is. No main menu to navigate, you just go straight into the game. Awesome stuff.