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Are 50GB Blu-Ray Discs Even Possible?

Of course. These have been widely available on store shelves for over a year! Many of us own several.

But here is a very amusing flashback to Fall of 2005:

Richard E. Doherty, program manager in Microsoft’s media entertainment technology convergence group said (via Arstechnica):

“The 50GB claim for BD-ROM discs is unproven and will not be available for many years to come, based on discussions with major Japanese and US replicators.”

Or from

“BD-ROM currently claims a theoretical maximum of 50 GByte. But on Monday, the Microsoft/Intel joint statement alleged that Blu-ray discs had only demonstrated thus far a physical BD-ROM capacity of 25 GByte”

Microsoft’s Jordi Ribas, also says, paraphrased via Arstechnica:

“On paper, Blu-ray has 50GB support, but outside of a lab context, the 50GB disc is missing in action.”

Josh Peterson of HP said via Tom’s Hardware:

“I’ve seen the lines that are making dual-layer BD-ROM drives. I’ve been to the factories. I’ve seen the lines where they’re making dual-layer recordable discs. So [Microsoft and Intel] saying that it’s not possible is obviously misinformation that they were fed, or that they’re feeding others.”


I’m sure bitter tears are being cried right now 😆