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Lair Impressions

This game is old news, and most of you have no interest in hearing about it. But after this game earned the reputation of the biggest trainwreck of the year, I had to rent and see if it was as really as bad as people say.



– Great orchestral soundtrack.
– Some great visuals to be seen. Not everything looked great, but a lot of the landscapes really looked nice in this game. I also played on 480i. I’m sure this would look much nicer in 1080p.
– Dragons looked good.
– The core dragon motion control worked surprisingly well.
– Decent frame rate. I heard people claiming there were major frame rate issues. During the parts of the game I played, I didn’t notice any.


– Story and dialog are horrible. Just junk fantasy pulp at it’s worst. I think the same about a lot of games, but with this one, I think almost everyone would agree.
– Most combat was awful. Shooting boats and such was functional if dull, but the dragon melee fighting, the ground combat, and the other miscellaneous play mechanics are all terrible.
– Missions are terrible. This reminds me of other flight games such as Wing Commander or Tie-Fighter from over a decade ago, except this is much cruder.
– Game is short. People make that same complaint about a lot of games, but this game really is short. From glancing at a walkthrough, there are only ten missions. These missions are much smaller and simpler than a standard FPS level.


This game is terrible. If you want to see the trainwreck of 2007, with a few cool tech elements, go ahead and rent. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

I also hope the Factor 5 dev team can recover from this. They clearly have some talent, but this effort just didn’t work.