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CES 2008: Metal Gear Solid 4 Video [Update]

The animation when the guys get shot are amazing! Day 1 purchase for me. Please give us a demo Sony! 🙂


Some impressions from the demo:


What can I say? This game in INCREDIBLE. The first two things that really caught my attention was the lighting (sunlight looked like sunlight, shade looked like shade) and the sound. The demo had about 5 guns you could use and each one had a distinct sound to it that sounded truly authentic and visceral. After a quick tutorial from the Konami rep (who interestingly told me that the game was due Q2 2008 and that they were targeting 1080p), I got to finally play. It was the same level from the TGS. I was able to switch from auto-aim to manual-aim modes easily. Killed a few guys and picked them up to try an shake some ammo out of them. Noticed that the bodies reacted realistically to the objects around them when they died (falling body hitting a car hood with ragdoll physics). Otocamo was cool, works automatically just by coming into contact with a surface. Noticed it was a little difficult for me to take cover against a wall. I was used to playing Drake and just running up to a wall, pressing a button, and watching him stick to the wall. Snake was giving me some attitude in this department. Threw a couple grenades and watched enemies roll around on the ground on fire. This game is going to sell millions. From what I saw it pretty well polished (especially in the visual department). I couldn’t help but imaging what kind of epic boss battles this game has in store with this graphics/physics engine.


One of the features found in Metal Gear Solid 4 is that the game is fully compliant with the new Dual Shock 3 controller, so we were able to feel every shot that we fired and every bullet that hit us in the game, and this could be a solid indication that Sony is back on track with the force feedback functionality that it’s current home console is missing.

Another thing that we noticed is that the game looks absolutely stunning. Everything is rendered in fine detail from the war-torn middle-eastern city that the level took place in, right down to the individual hairs on Snake’s ‘stache. When we asked whether or not the game will be able to run at 60 fps at 1080p, Konami said that things were still being optimized and they can’t promise anything, things were on the right track.