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Video of Two New MotorStorm Tracks

Here’s a video flyover of the two new tracks coming as a MotorStorm download in the PSN store.

Video of Two New MotorStorm Tracks

ThreeSpeech says this about the tracks:

Can you handle the MotorStorm Double Track Pack?
Race the Eagles’s Nest and the Diamondback Speedway this January

This January, MotorStorm™ – the ultimate in full-throttle, off-road racing action for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) – gets even better with the release of two brand-new racetracks to download from PLAYSTATION®Store.

The Double Track pack features two very different white-knuckle, high-speed circuits: the cliff-hanging Eagle’s Nest and the stomach-lurching Diamondback Speedway. Both tracks are brought to you in stunning High Definition for a truly eye-opening race experience and both are compatible with all vehicle classes in all online modes including Time Attack and Eliminator. Here’s what you get – and remember that there are no rules of the road in MotorStorm…

Eagle’s Nest: mayhem in the clouds
Welcome to the Eagle’s Nest – a high-altitude track perched precariously on a remote mesa. It’s fast, tight and brutal – and the slightest wrong move can send you careering over the edge. Of course, this means all the more opportunity to send your rivals in the same direction. The stakes are high and so are the cliffs – have you got the nerves for it?

Diamondback Speedway: a racetrack with a bite
Who needs a purpose-built racetrack when you’ve got the natural desert amphitheatre of Yei Bichei – MotorStorm’s answer to a speedway circuit? The track’s banked corners mean that this track is all about speed – the tactics that’ll get you to the finish first involve putting your foot to the floor and holding on tight. Will you survive the deadly Diamondback tunnel and the infamous Sinkhole?

MotorStorm Double Track Pack!