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Resistance 2 out in fall 08! 60 Man MP, 8p Co-op! [Update: Photos]

This game is going to be epic! Wow, do the guys at insomniac ever sleep?! lol When I find screenshots I’ll update this post.

Wollan at NeoGAF checked out the latest GameInformer and it has some huge news about Resistance 2. Check it out.

Main highlights:

-One campaign focusing on Nathan Hale across USA, 1 player
-One separate story based campaign supporting 2 players offline, 8 players Online
-Online Multiplayer (dedicated servers) supporting 60 people
-Classes for online: Heavy, Special Ops, Medic
-New vehicles including Chameleon (Stalker with cloak)
-Partial randomized geometry in level spots
-Insane stat tracking coupled with

[Update: Photos ]

You can view the images here – removed due to copyright

HUGE cooperative game… EIGHT-PLAYER story-driven campaign along side single-player campaign. SIXTY-PLAYER Competitive modes… HUGE United States Landscapes as backdrops.

“It is, in short, a tour de force for the untapped might of the PlayStation 3”

Narrative stays with Hale the whole time… not Rachel. Hale shot down in Iceland, escapes to US and becomes part of program called Sentinels…

Chameleon.. Stalker with total cloaking ability

Overcoming stigma that boss encounters don’t work in FPS games..
Eight player coop over PSN, two player local

CLASSES! Unique character with one of three basic templates… tank with heavy weaponry, special ops for distance (bullseye modified with zoom), medic.

Online matching… standard difficulty discarded for scaled challenges for team skill..
Partially randomized geometry… levels are different with each play through

again… 60 players online. want sense of epic battle.. don’t want fast-furious game play to be focus, more focused on squad v squad.

Will log into smaller four-to-eight man lobbies for each squad… encouraging communication and camaraderie, squad will be tasked with a particular objective. careful level design aims to deliver intense combat zones or small team conflicts that flow within arena of larger battle.

Dedicated gaming community with stat servers for faster matchmaching than any console game of 2007. full-featured profile pages through will incorporate social networking concepts. open clan and party system to encourage community…no player invites needed.

Further tapped power of PS3… more enemies onscreen, better AI, better lighting and shaders (SCREENSHOTS LOOK AMAZING!!!). More compilers, normal mapping and detail mapping combine to deliver textures that look amazing from afar and at extremely close distances.

AI getting a lot more attention.. will scaled on-the-fly to players perspective and viewpoint… aka enemies closer to the player will actually have more sophisticated AI routines than those further away. assailants in your direct field of view received heightened intelligence. easily more cunning than before
Listened to complaints… working on solution to long checkpoints and health system. not positive what final solution will be.

“Our time playing was a blast”… each character class contributes in a unique way and “we loved the strategy-laden medic”… unique sense of teamwork

Mysterious “Cloven”

“Resistance 2 will be too epic to dismiss as anything but one of the biggest, boldest, and most high-reaching titles of 2008. It’s a game that won’t be ignored.”

RESISTANCE 2 REVEALED! 60man MP, 8p Co-op..etc