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MyGameMug - New Social Gaming Website

If your a fan of facebook, myspace, etc. But ever thought, man I wish there was a gaming version of this. Now there is, It’s a great place for gamers to get together to play and chat about games.

Profile Page

It can show the game your currently playing. Any games you tag show up as your favorite games in your profile. If your part of any Guilds/Clans it will show in your profile as well. Your reviews & uploaded photos show up here. People can also comment on your profile too.

Games Home Page

Here you can see the most recent game reviews, recently added games, and the most popular games, and gaming news.

Example of a Game’s Page

This shows the basic info on the game. News on the game. Images uploaded by users. Reviews on the game are scored by users, kind of like digg. There are discussions you can start or join on each game. At the bottom it will show which users & guilds/clans have tagged the game.

If there isn’t a game listed that you want, you can add it yourself.

Guilds/Clans Page

Here you have private and public forums. Guild leaders can send alerts (mass PM) to all the members of the clan to help plan events or whatever you want to use it for. You can also post news and images for the guild. Feel free to create a group for your own guild.

I’ve created a Guild/Clan, if you want to join go here after you sign up:

The site has great potential but for it to be successful it needs more people. It’s still in the BETA stages, so more features are coming.

Right now you can only get in via a invite, but I talked with the guys from the site and they gave me 50 invites to sent out. To sign up go here and use this Invitation Code ps3blog

If the 50 invites are all used up, I can get some more, just leave a comment here. Once your a member you have 10 invites to send out yourself.

If you run into any bugs be sure to let them know buy e-mailing them at

If you have any suggestions for the site contact me and I’ll let them know or you can e-mail them yourself here –