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New PS3 Bundle to Arrive Jan 18th (UK)

SCEE are going to release a new bundle called the ‘Pick N Mix’ later this month, January 18th to be exact.

The bundle is a 40GB PS3 plus the choice of any two of the following games:

Ratchet and Clank: Tools Of Destruction, Formula One, L.A.I.R, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Singstar PS3 (with microphones), Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall Of Man, Folklore, Warhawk (with headset) and Genji: Days of the Blade.

All for £349.99. You’re basically saving £40 – £50 depending on the games you choose.

A good deal? The only good bit about it is the wide selection of games you can choose from. Most bundles in the past forced you to pick from a crap selection of games or left with no choice at all.

I had a look around a couple of online retailers and is selling the 40GB PS3 for £289.99 and SEGA Rally for £17.99. You can also get Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune both for £34.99 each. are selling the 40GB PS3 for £279.99 no extras, Ratchet & Clank for £34.98 and Uncharted for £34.98.

The only advantage to the ‘new’ bundle is the wider range of games to choose from.

I still think it’s a mistake to stop selling the 60GB PS3 and removing backwards compatibility from the 40GB PS3 but what do I know.

New PS3 Bundle on it’s way