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Burnout Paradise: No Splitscreen (Again)

Burnout Paradise Demo

Now that Burnout Paradise is making its way to stores, threads are popping up on the forums like this one and this one asking about splitscreen support. Lots of people (like me) want splitscreen support, but it also looks like lots of people just don’t care.

Here are the people that should and do care about splitscreen:

  • Families. If you have several kids all wanting to play a game, then splitscreen support in a racing game is vital. What else are you going to do, buy two TV’s and consoles?
  • Room-mates. If you’re just living with a friend after graduation or some college buddies in a dorm, wouldn’t it be great to sit down and race the tracks together?
  • Social people. This is the group that I fall into. I regularly have people at my place to play videogames. MotorStorm never makes an appearance because it has no splitscreen. And you know? MotorStorm is exactly the kind of game we like. If it had splitscreen, we’d be playing it all the time!

People that don’t care about splitscreen:

  • Gamers who live alone and don’t have gaming friends that aren’t online. Uh… what else can I say? This seems to be the group that developers are targetting, so it must be large.

So frankly, I don’t understand why there isn’t more people complaining about the lack of splitscreen. How can the latter group possibly be large enough to warrant developers dropping splitscreen support? Some people say that adding splitscreen support will (a) decrease the quality of the graphics and (b) increase development time. To those points I say (a) only in splitscreen mode which I’ll gladly accept, and about which nobody complained in previous generation games, and (b) I’ll wait for it, it can’t add that much time.

I really hope that developers rethink this strategy…