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Long Live 160GB PS3 ???

The net is abuzz with rumours about the 80GB version of the PS3 being phased out in favour of a new 120GB to 160GB PS3. Rumours suggest that this new model will lose all PS2 backwards compatibility but will gain a DUALSHOCK 3 controller.

Lots of people are arguing in the forums about whether or not the discontinuation of the 80GB PS3 in the Best Buy database has any significance. For some reason, some people just don’t believe that this has any significance. I think it does, especially given the fact that Sony has submitted a new PS3 to the FCC for approval. I think that the 80GB is on its way out out OUT!

I don’t care that that the 80GB PS3 is going away, I just care about its replacement’s capabilities. I really like the 4 USB ports on my PS3 (for playing Rock Band), the memory stick support (for copying stuff), and the PS2 BC (which unlike some people, I use a lot).

So I hope that the new uber-PS3 still retains all that stuff that really makes it an uber-PS3 instead of just a 40GB PS3 with a bigger HDD. I already have all that stuff, I know, but if my PS3 dies three years from now, I hope that Sony’s still making a model that I’ll be able to enjoy.


Mole: 80GB PS3 dead, 120-160GB with Dual Shock 3 incoming