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2008: Year of the PS3

2008 Year of the PS3

I think Sony’s PS3 has a lot going for it in 2008. Some great games are coming out this year. Just to name a few:

2 Days to Vegas
Alone In The Dark
Army of Two
Burnout Paradise
Devil May Cry 4
Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
Dynasty Warriors 6
Fallout 3
Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy Versus XIII (if out in 2008)
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Gran Turismo 5
Grand Theft Auto IV
Hot Shots Golf 5
Killzone 2
Little Big Planet
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots + Metal Gear Solid Online
Motorstorm 2
Naruto: PS3 Project
Resistance 2
Resident Evil 5 (if out in 2008)
Silent Hill V
SOCOM: Confrontation
Soul Calibur IV
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Street Fighter IV
Tekken 6
The Agency
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Yakuza: Kenzan!

Some great things the PS3 already has going for it:

  • Blu-ray
  • User Upgradable Hard Drive
  • Standard Connections: Such as Bluetooth (for controllers, keyboard, mouse and headset), standard memory card slots (on certain models), wi-fi built in, controllers can be charged via USB, etc.
  • Can install Linux, which makes it a full desktop. Handy for those with no computer.
  • Quality Hardware
  • Built in HDMI in every model
  • Free Online Game Play
  • Free Custom XMB Themes. You can even create your own! Here are 3 I made
  • Folding@Home

Then in Spring (hopefully), Home will arrive. Which has huge potential. But for it to be truly successful, it needs to be constantly updated to keep people interested. A couple thoughts I had:

  • Have a exclusive game trailer that’s only available in Home for a couple weeks.
  • How sometimes on the PS Forums where they have a live chat with a game developer. Have that directly in Home, same basic rules of course so it doesn’t get out of hand. But imagine going into a huge lobby with the game developer up on the stage.
  • I think it would be cool if at the next E3 or Tokyo Game Show, etc. When Sony has a key note or presentation. You can attend that in Home and watch it live.
  • Have a area for each Game genre, like action games, fighting, FPS, RPG, etc. Where you can meet people that have similar interests in games. The room would be themed accordingly too.
  • Have a personal Home website you can keep updated as well. I think I saw something like this in a movie somewhere. Hopefully they include it when it launches in Spring

More features via firmware update. Like in game XMB, which is actually in Burnout Paradise in a way. You can read your messages, reply and create them within Burnout Paradise. Also the Dual Shock 3 will finally arrive this year outside Japan. I’ve been enjoying mine, I couldn’t wait.

The fact that PS3 has Blu-ray is a big factor due to recent events in the HD disc war. I personally love having Blu-ray built in. Recently my dad came over to visit and I picked up a Blu-ray disc and took a pen and tried to scratch the disc. He said “What are you doing?!”. Then I showed him the disc, with zero scratches on it 🙂 Even if it rattles around in the case, no scratches at all. I’m not sure how many people really know that a Blu-ray disc is pretty much scratch proof under normal conditions. They should really advertise that fact.

And who knows what else Sony has up there sleeves for 2008! 😉 I know it’s a little late for a post like this. But at least it’s still January 🙂