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Conflict: Denied Ops Demo Impressions

I quickly went through the demo by myself the other day, and I plan to go through it again with a friend. I’ve read about this demo online, and I remember that the gamer complained that there wasn’t anything special about the game.

Frankly, most FPS’s blur together, and none of them really have much that’s unique or special. What makes a good FPS these days is excellent execution plus the new maps that come with it. You have to admit, innovation in an FPS these days is pretty rare (with the exception of CoD4’s levelling up and perk system).

Therefore, I liked Conflict: Denied Ops. It had a small level to go through, and it was executed well. Some of the controller button assignments were a bit flaky, but I assume that I’ll be able to swap them out for a more standard configuration in the final game. (The demo did have three different configs, none really to my liking.)

I liked the ability to quickly switch between two different characters, though on at least one occasion I commanded the other character to join mine, but he got stuck on a piece of geometry and I needed to take over. But this won’t be an issue if two people are playing the game, and this is exactly how I plan to play this game. The demo was rather short, so I haven’t a full idea yet of what the final game will be like. But so far I give it a thumbs up. I hope the final game lives up to the promise.