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PS Home Still on Track for Spring

home1.jpgI was kind of surprised to hear the PlayStation Home was still tracking for a release this spring. I had somewhat lost track of it and assumed that it was being pushed to a fall release like LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2 (seemingly).

But no, it’s still on track for a spring release, and Sony’s working hard on adding some new features. Like being able to go outside more, instead of being stuck inside stuffy buildings. And the redesigned theater with less walking required.

I was kind of hoping that we could have somewhat real homes, such that if I walk out my door I might encounter Tosh or Gary or Darrin doing the same. We could have a PS3Blog building or somesuch. But it doesn’t look like the case.

I’m still not sure how much value-add there is in Home, but it sure looks cool. I’ll definitely give it a long hard try before saying coming to any conclusions. If they can make it more than just a place to walk around in, then I think it’ll be a keeper.

New PS Home specifics