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Over 1 Million PS3 Owners have used Folding@Home


Folding@home first arrived on the XMB March 22, 2007. And since then, if you average it out, around 3,000 PS3 owners register each day since then. Now it’s over 1 million strong.

In line with this another milestone, Stanford Associate Professor of Chemistry Vijay Pande had this to say:

Since partnering with SCEI, we have seen our research capabilities increase by leaps and bounds through the continued participation of Folding@Home users.

Now we have over one million PS3 users registered for Folding@Home, allowing us to address questions previously considered impossible to tackle computationally, with the goal of finding cures to some of the world’s most life-threatening diseases.

That’s great news, keep those PS3’s folding. Maybe next year we’ll hit 2 millions users or more! We actually have our own Folding@Home team here at and we are doing very well. Currently we are ranked at 345.

We have even out folded Joystiq’s team 🙂 To join our team, just enter 55054 as the team number, for more info check out this post.

SCEI: Over one million PS3 units now registered to Folding@Home