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EndWar: Ready for a Voice-Controlled RTS?

My first exposure to a RTS was Dune 2. From what I gather, it was one of the first (if not the first) RTS game of the current mold. It was quite a fun game, and I played it a lot. Then came Warcraft, Command & Conquer, and a bunch of other games. I thought that Dune 2 was a little rough around the edges and that Warcraft did a lot to improve upon the genre. Other games since then have really left me cold, without enough innovation to draw me.

Now Ubisoft hopes to do something I haven’t seen done successfully before: make a good RTS game for a console. Tom Clancy’s EndWar by Ubisoft Shanghai will get around the control issue by using voice commands, of all things.

Ubisoft teamed up with Fonix Speech to incorporate their VoiceIn Technology.

Fonix created a 70-word vocabulary for the game, which can be combined to offer thousands of voice commands. Players will be able to control all of their in-game soldiers, choppers, tanks and other weaponry by simply speaking into the headset microphone. Ubisoft will even be offering a bundle at retail for those gamers who don’t already own a headset for Xbox 360 or PS3.

Nowadays I give RTS games a wide birth, but if this game looks good enough I’ll at least give it a rental. Follow the link below for more, and tell us what you think!

World War III: Tom Clancy Empire Expands with ‘EndWar’