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Factor 5’s Lair Trainwreck Continues

Julian Eggebrecht, president of Lair development studio, Factor 5, is caving to the negative reception of Lair:

If you’re on a platform where this whole motion control is something new and not being pitched as the main feature of the platform, you should probably give the choice between having different control schemes, there is absolutely no doubt about it.


I know the hardcore hivemind basically says that Lair is a great game that was ruined by bad controls. Except that’s not true. The basic flight controls are fine; they are just like Warhawk. It’s everything else about the game that’s terrible: the story/dialog was horrendous, the characters were terrible, the mission objectives were either dull and repetitive or just awkward and painful to play, the dragon melee fighting was a button-mashing mess, and the ground combat was awful. I rented this game hoping to find a diamond in the rough, a great game that was unfairly bashed. But no, it was really a horrible game.

But this game doesn’t need an analog stick patch. It needs a write-a-better-game patch.

Better luck next time Factor 5.