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Race Driver: GRID

I’m all for racing games, and my friends and I have had a lot of fun racing each other over the years. But now that I own a PS3, my enthusiasm has been quite tempered by the fact that nobody wants to release a next-gen (current-gen?) four-player splitscreen game. Will the new Race Driver: GRID be the one to fulfill that hope? Unfortunately, I don’t know yet. 🙁 (Sorry for the build up!)

But we do know other things. Like the fact that CodeMasters is moving away from the more sim-style racing game like TOCA and moving towards a more arcadey experience like PGR. “We wanted to make a break away from our perception as a simulation game”, says Ralph Fulton, chief game designer on Race Driver: GRID. […] We felt that there was more that we could be doing to package the things that we were brilliant at – AI, damage, physics – in such a way that it appeals to a much broader market.

For some strange stupid reason, drifting is in style these days, and GRID will partake heavily. They plan to make the game world-spanning, and the Japanese events will be heavily into drifting. Yuck. That’s a mistake that I wish could be rectified with something like GRID’s new rewind feature, which lets you skip backwards in time over a crash or bad decision and gives you a do-over.

The game will only include 45 cars, but I don’t really care how many they have as long as they’re fun. I care more for a good variety of tracks to race on.

And splitscreen? Well, we can only hope…

Race Driver: Grid Preview

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