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Industry Pundits vs. Blu-Ray

With the victory of Blu-Ray, I expected plenty of bitter tears to flow, but the complete meltdowns of otherwise sane technology pundits and analysts have exceeded my expectations.

Here is a handy translation table:

Crazy Pundits Translation
Physical Media is dead, everyone is about to instantly switch to Internet download services. Oh, except for plain DVDs which are easy and convenient. So which is it? Are consumers going to instantly drop physical media en masse, or are people content with physical media, or are the pundits bending over backwards to find some magical middle ground that rationalizes why consumers want everything except Blu-Ray which they have some weird and crazy emotional hatred of?
No one cares about HD. People can’t tell the difference between Blu-Ray and regular DVDs. People are spending thousands of dollars extra to get these fancy HD displays, but they can’t tell the difference? It’s also odd, that I can find posts from the exact same authors a few months ago raving about HD-DVD quality. Their eyes and brains are selectively noticing HD quality when it favors their technology preferences.
People care about HD, but only 720p, not 1080p, and they only want 5.1 audio, not extra-high fidelity lossless audio. Pundits are flipping out and providing a baseless and transparent explanation of why people want the specs that match his/her favored service and not whatever specs are in Blu-Ray.
People don’t want giant companies forcing them to repurchase movies in Blu-Ray that they already own on DVD, especially movies that they have watched dozens of times and are sick of. This is a strawman. Was there some memo I missed? Was I not home when the stormtroopers charged into my house to force me to repurchase my DVDs at gunpoint? Or is the pundit’s meltdown triggering a psychotic break from reality?