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New Logitech Gran Turismo Wheel in May!


Driving Force GT

  • Designed by Polyphony Digital specifically for GT5. Also backwards compatible with PS2 + GT4. This probably means it will connect via USB.
  • Everything that the Driving Force Pro has: 900-degree steering radius, full variety of force feedback effects including rumble, full controller buttons.
  • Improved force feedback effects.
  • A horn
  • A “unique realtime adjustment dial, a first for force feedback wheels, allowing people to fine tune the car’s balance by adjusting the brake bias, traction control and damper settings”.
  • Available in Europe/US in May for list of $150 (the Driving Force Pro had the same retail price but sold online at most sites for about $100)

FYI: These wheels have always worked with force feedback in games like Burnout Paradise, NFS, and Ridge Racer. I’ve tested this personally with the Driving Force Pro, and this is sure to continue working for this newer wheel.

EDIT: Minor clarifications.