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It’s all About the Lever(age) got to talk to SCEA’s vice president of product marketing, Scott Steinberg, and they talked about stuff like the fact that Sony didn’t have a keynote or make a big announcement at GDC ’08. They also talked about this:

In terms of titles you are looking at in 2008, what do you have to counteract the just-announced Gears of War 2? One of the downsides of having a breadth of titles is that you might not be able to point to any one title like a Halo 3 or a GTA that are going to sell consoles. Is there a single strong PS3 title in your mind that you can point to like that?

Well, I think it is really easy to point to one when you’ve only got one. And so by default, that sort of solves itself.

I don’t want to say that we have an embarrassment of riches, but we have the ability to go in a bunch of different directions depending upon the choice and the taste of the gamer. So we’re not just forcing one genre upon our population, our installed base.


One of the great things about the PS2 was its breadth of titles, and I fully expect the PS3 to be the same. While I love a good FPS as much as the next guy (unless it’s Gary), I also want to play some other great game genres too. I think that’s what differentiates PlayStation gamers from Xbox gamers more than anything else. Xbox gamers seem to be more racing and gunning oriented, while PlayStation gamers like that stuff and other stuff too. Correct me if I’m wrong.

GDC: Leverage Will Be Key to Sony’s Victory