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MTV Multiplayer interview with Ted Price

MTV Multiplayer had a chance to talk to Insomniac’s Ted Price about several things, in three parts. The third part, I feel, was the only interesting one. Here’s a snippet:

Multiplayer: How does it compare to “Halo 3″ in the amount of content that it has? Because it seems like this is an attempt to one-up the insane amount of content in “Halo 3.”

Price: Not necessarily. We were not looking at “Halo 3” or looking to one-up anybody at all, other than we wanted to push multiplayer content. With multiplayer we saw an opportunity to up the game to 60 players with not a whole lot of pain on our end. The challenge for us is not technical at this point. It’s design. We’ve got to make sure that when you’re in a 60-player game it doesn’t feel like unmitigated chaos.

So we’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing and trying out different techniques to make sure you know what you’re doing, even though you’re in this massive battle, and it’s working. And it’s fun.

For the rest:

Ted Price Pt 3: Justifying 60-Player ‘Resistance,’ Competing With ‘Killzone 2′