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Late Impressions: Folklore

What Type Of Game Is It?

Part graphic adventure, part character hack ‘n slash, and part collectathon. The graphic adventure elements are the strongest. The other two types of gameplay add to the game and make it a more interesting whole, but individually, they are the less fleshed out.



  • Artwork: The artwork is fantastic. The creatures, characters, and scenery are all beautiful.
  • Story: This has a dark, gloomy, rainy-day type story line. You meet with dead spirits and unravel mysteries. It’s engaging enough that I was always excited to beat each level to unfold more of the story. Story quality is very subjective, but I suspect that most adventure fans would enjoy.
  • Atmosphere: The artwork and story combine very well to give this title a very moody and immersive atmosphere.
  • Unique: This is definitely an original game. All of the individual elements have been done elsewhere, but as a whole, this is a unique and interesting title. Since graphic adventure are so rare these days, this is a nice change of pace.



  • Some play mechanics are under-developed: This game provides several different game mechanics, but only the story elements are really well developed. The combat, exploration, and upgrade systems are fun at first, but they are too simplistic and they grow repetitive over the long length of the game.
  • Too much repetiton: In addition to the issues mentioned above, you are supposed to play each “world” two times with the two different characters. The levels are significantly different depending on who you play with: I’d guess around 70% similar, 30% different, but that’s too much repetition. On the other hand, the game structure does change as the chapters progress, and the environments and story remain interesting throughout the game.
  • Technology: Overall, the game looks excellent due to the artwork and special effects. However, the character animation, physics, AI, and environment geometry are all very simplistic. Compared to other 2007 games, the technology feels a little dated.



This game is very good, but short of great. If you like graphic adventures, and want a unique game with spectacular artwork, a moody atmosphere, an engaging story, I would suggest checking this out.

On the other hand, if you aren’t a big adventure fan and would only consider checking out the real best of the best adventure titles, I’d suggest waiting on something bigger.