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Metal Gear Online Beta Dated for Europe

Looks like next week is going to be a massive week for everything concerned with the PSN, what with the revamped PS Store, Firmware 2.30 and the Metal Gear Online Beta, which has now been confirmed for European MGS fans:

Konami has confirmed details of the Metal Gear Online Beta dates for Europe, with the game available for download on April 17 before going live on April 21 through to May 6.

The dates keep it in line with the Japanese Beta window, and the test pack includes the two maps ‘Blood Bath’ and ‘Groznyi Grad’. It will be available for download from the PlayStation store from April 17, and Konami is expecting congested servers so are allowing a four day window for everyone to get their hands on the game before pushing it live on April 21.

That’s next Thursday. Hopefully I’ll be able to download it without any problems! I wonder if the servers will be region locked…I wouldn’t mind meeting up with Tosh for some neck snapping shenanigans. 😀

Metal Gear Online Beta Dated for Europe