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Metal Gear Online with Catapult Action

Just a friendly reminder that the Metal Gear Online Beta can be downloaded this Thursday. But you can’t start playing until April 21st , and will run until May 5th. I actually managed to get another Beta Key which I’ll give away again. Just leave a comment 😉 I’ll e-mail the winner the Beta Key tomorrow morning. Or you can take your chances and enter to win here!

After you download and install the MGO Beta you’ll need to register for a Konami ID . You’ll be taken to when you boot up the Beta. You can get a head start and register now if you want.

In the Beta you have one “character slot” which you can customize to your liking. Your character can have 4 skills and here are a few you can choose from:

Close Quarter Combat (CQC), knife fighting, quickness, alertness, heavy weaponry mastery, demolition, and sniper mastery are just some of the skills you can specialize in.

Again they’ll be two maps in the Beta. Blood Bath & Groznyj Grad but in the full version it’s five maps to start out.

Yay, they kept the Man Cannon, lol. It’s going to be funny to see a guy flying across the level at random during a heated gun battle. Check out the link below for full details of MGO.

ALERT! “Metal Gear Mondays” Begin NOW on the PlayStation.Blog with Metal Gear Online Beta Details!