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PS3 Doldrums

Is it just me?

I’m finding that I’m not posting much here these days. Partly because I’m a little bummed about finding a software development job that I actually enjoy. (I’m looking for a job doing Mac development, but there’s precious little of that going on in Ottawa. Anybody know of any jobs like this in Ottawa? Or that would allow me to telecommute?) But mostly I’m bummed because there just isn’t much PS3 stuff out there that interests me right now.

We seem to be in a perpetual waiting game. The good stuff is coming, really it is. Just wait for it, and wait some more.

While the new PSN store is nice, it doesn’t impact my gaming life in any substantial way. I never spent a lot of time in the store before, and the redesign won’t change things. I get in there, get what I want, and get out.

This week we finally see GT5 Prologue, which I can’t buy because I’m looking for a job. So that’s something at least.

But all the really good stuff seems to be perpetually out of reach. We’ve been waiting a long long time for the likes of Home, Killzone 2, LittleBigPlanet, MGS4, and in-game XMB. Are they ever going to get here? At least we know MGS4 is coming in June, but the others are all too far in the distance to have any concrete meaning. Except to tease us, and then to move even further into the distance.

So while I’m glad that the PS3 is selling well, I’m also in the doldrums. There’s not much new or exciting to talk about, and therefore I’m stuck. Ah well.