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GTA’s Creative VP Dan Houser on Game Storage Capacity

Back in 2004, just before the release of San Andreas, Dan Houser said this in an interview:

The danger is currently the storage medium (DVD), and one we thing we’re all praying for in the next round of hardware is that they don’t just go, ‘It’s DVD again’.

That would sound like blatant console-wars flame-bait if said today, but back in 2004, it was a little more innocent.

Suprisingly, the same Dan Houser recently made more comments along those lines in another interview:

When you only had a CD as opposed to DVD, you could put like 10 songs and eight lines of dialogue and that was your entire game. We were lovingly casting all our actors in “GTA 2” to be DJs on radio stations, but they probably said three things each. The big technological advance was when things moved to DVD, almost more than the power of Playstation 2. It was the storage unit. You could suddenly put on a lot of audio a lot more animation and a lot more content in a world. That then gave us the opportunity of making that content interesting.

Regardless of tech and platform issues, this game sounds absolutely amazing.

UPDATE: Rockstar Games founder, Sam Houser, was even more blunt in an interview with 1UP:

One of the problems with the 360, and it affects games like Grand Theft Auto if you think about how much content we put in the actual machine, is the fact that they don’t have a significantly larger storage medium than the previous systems. It’s a slightly bigger DVD disc.