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GTA 4 Buggy?

I was just about to post another complete set of GTA 4 impressions, but when I went back to play another mission or two… it started locking up. The game locks up on load about 70% of the time, and when it does successfully load, it freezes within a few minutes. I’ve also seen a cut scene freeze while the dialog kept playing (I couldn’t skip the cutscene or quit out of the game). I’ve tried to play over a dozen times in the past day and no luck.

I had gotten about five solid hours of play time before this started happening, and if I play under a different user account (without my save game, of course), it seemed to work fine. Also, my PS3 is otherwise very stable and last night I played several hours of MGS:O and other games without any hiccups at all, so it’s definitely the game and not my system.

Looking on the official Sony forums, lots of people are having this issue. Of course, lots of people aren’t having this issue as well.

But wow… What is arguably the biggest and best game launch thus far in the PS3’s lifetime and it ships with substantial reliability issues. Hopefully, this will be fixed by a downloadable patch soon, but that is annoying.

Anyone else having any issues?

UPDATE: Thanks everyone. Disabling Internet connection seems to fix the issue for almost everyone including myself. I was getting very consistent crashes and when I disabled the Internet, I played several hours without any hiccups at all. Hopefully this will be patched shortly.