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So I Bought a Wii

wii.jpgLast weekend I was in Walmart looking for an easy-to-use digital camera for my daughter. I walked past the Wii display and it looked like there were some boxes there. Surely, these must be some peripheral or somesuch, because I’d never seen Wii’s at Walmart since… well… ever! But no, these were the real deal. About seven of them.

So I picked one up, and Wii Play too for the extra controller. My wife and I had discussed this earlier, and we thought it would be a fun gaming system for her and the kids.

So we got it home and I neglected it for a bit so that I can play with my kids outside. My daughter was more interested in the new digital camera than the Wii, and ditto goes for my other daughter and son. Eventually I set up the system and got things running. And you know what? The kids enjoyed creating the Miis but soon lost interest. That was a disappointment.

But luckily since then things have improved. They’ve been playing it more and more, so I don’t feel like I just wasted hundreds of dollars. Whew!

But now that I had a Wii, I thought I’d look into the games some more (though I already had a general idea) to see if there’s anything that I would want to play. I know lots of people love the Mario games like Mario Kart, but they’ve never held my interest. I’ll play them, but only because we’re at Steve’s that evening and everyone else likes playing them. (Sorry Steve.)

So anyway, I’ve searched far and wide, and I found only one Wii title (that’s not available on my PS3) that piqued my interest. Boom Blox! That game looks like a lot of fun. I’ll give it a rent, and if I like it, I might just pick it up.

Now I need to find a game or two that my daughters (7 and 5, both with a low tolerance for failure) and son (2) will enjoy…