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Dvorak on Blu-Ray Bashing

Dvorak, one of the most famous and popular technology columnists, has written a column on the excessive bashing of Blu-Ray technology.

I have always shared this viewpoint, and I suspect most readers of this site feel the same way, so it’s nice to see this point of view acknowledged in such a mainstream fashion. It’s one thing for people to be disinterested in a technology, it’s another to see such a concerted attack on a technology. One common refrain that is particularly crazy, quoted from another PC Magazine columnist, is this:

[Consumers are] not hopping on the Blu-ray bandwagon, however, because they don’t see the benefit. [snip] the average consumer can’t perceive the difference.

Really? People can’t tell the difference between regular DVD and Blu-Ray? That’s flat out nonsense. Sure, many people don’t care about movie resolution and have much more important things in their life to worry about. And the whole hi-fidelity, high-tech stuff can put many consumers off, but the quality difference is real. Even regular “average consumers” can see the quality improvement on any halfway decent HDTV set.

So why the excessive bashing? Dvorak says it’s three categories of bashers: the Sony haters, the technology futurists, and the Xbox aficionados. That sounds about right.