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Pay for Watching Play

[Edit: Gah! Tosh put up a post about this while I was editing this one! Ah well, I’ll leave this here anyway. See Tosh’s post below for the video preview.]


When I first saw the title of this new offering from Sony, I thought it was a cool name. Qore. With that weird spell-a-thing that seems to be so popular with the young folk these days. At first I thought it was a website, and then I realized that it’s not a website at all, but a video show. Produce in HD at that. And that we’re gonna have to pay for it in order to watch it. Which I thought was odd because it sounds like the show is going to be a great big Sony PlayStation commercial. Don’t advertisers usually pay to have their commercials aired, not the other way around?

At $2.99 per episode, each episode better be at least an hour long. Man that’s steep.

I have a feeling that it will not be an hour long, and that it will not be worth the three bucks. But that’s me. Am I the only one that thinks this is rip off?

Introducing Qore