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PS3Mote: Good Idea?


Reliable rumors have been rolling in that Sony is focus testing a Wii-like motion controller for the PS3. Co-blogger, Tosh assures that this is definitely true. But is this a good idea?

Obviously, Wii has been the surprise runaway success in games, and I’m sure that Sony would like to get a piece of that. However, is this a good idea?

One on hand, I don’t think this will change things much. The Wii’s controller and game selection are good, but the fundamental draw that drives the Wii’s success that Sony and Microsoft will have a hard time emulating, is that the Wii isn’t obnoxious. Seriously. The entire field of video games has a completely negative stigma in the minds of most of society and the overall image of the PS3 and 360 play right into that stigma. I don’t care how many family friendly Ratchet & Clanks or Little Big Planets or Viva Pinatas they ship or what simple, dumbed down motion controllers they use, most regular families of non-gamers see the PS3 or the 360 and they think of a big obnoxious system with a bunch of antisocial teenagers playing obnoxious violent games and arguing back and forth about tech specs and frame rates. And they want to steer clear of that whole scene. The PS3 and the 360 are delivering more bleeding edge innovation, which is what myself and most readers of this site want, but Nintendo avoids the snobbery and the stigmas of the gaming world and delivers the most geek-free and family-friendly living room experience.

On the other hand, why not make a Wii like controller? It probably won’t change the PS3’s overall market standing, but maybe it will lead to some new games and new innovation that we wouldn’t see otherwise.