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Nielson: Younger Gamers Favor 360. Adult Gamers favor PS3

UPDATE: bunnyhero points out that IGN’s chart is completely botched. More complete update tomorrow.

Nielson published some interesting demographics on console gamers.


In the U.S., younger gamers under 27, play 360 a full five times as much as PS3, while adult gamers 27 and up prefer the PS3 by almost as large a margin.

Why? I’m hypothesizing that this is because young or more susceptible to ads, are more heavily influenced by peer behavior and trends, and the Xbox system and brand won over the younger audience early. Why do adults prefer PS3 so strongly? I’m admittedly a big PS3 fan, but I think most adults just see the PS3 as a much better value. The free online and free WiFi, the larger and more easily and cheaply upgradeable hard drives, the Blu-Ray movie capabilities, and the system reliability just make the PS3 a much better deal.

Any other thoughts on why there is such a strong age split between the two consoles?