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Has the PS3 Evolved?

There’s an interesting article over at Ars Technica, where they basically re-review the PS3 as it is now, compared to how it was when it was launched back in November 2006.

To cut a long story short, Ars Technica originally gave the PS3 a 6. Now, however, after Sony have updated the PS3 with Firmware update after Firmware update which has resulted in improved Blu-ray player thanks to Blu-ray profile 2.0 (amongst other things), a new and improved PS Store, the release of the Dual Shock 3 (STILL not available in Europe BTW) and most importantly of all; a more varied line up of quality games (both Blu-ray and via PSN).

As a result, Ars Technica have given the PS3 a 9.


If I had to do a review of the PS3 as it is in it’s current form, I’d probably give it an 8 (which is what I would give it if I had reviewed it when I got it back in March 2007).

Now, I’m not saying the PS3 hasn’t improved since I’ve had it but my issue is with what areas has the PS3 improved upon and their relevance to me.

A lot of the improvements that Ars Technica point out hold little relevance to me as a PS3 owner. Blu-ray profile 2.0? Meh. I don’t own many Blu-ray films (Spider-man Trilogy, Casino Royale and Planet Earth are all that I own) so my interest in the PS3 as a Blu-ray player is lukewarm at best.

Dual Shock 3? I would buy one but Sony haven’t released it in Europe yet. Awesome. And no, I’m not willing to import it, I shouldn’t have to.Dual Shock 3

The PS Store has a new look but the content is still lacking. I love Super Stardust: HD and PixelJunk Monsters, they are two of my favourite PS3 games, but Sony still falls short in providing meaningful content on a weekly basis, especially on the UK/EU Stores.

Where is Shivering Isles? Where is Commandos 3? Where is WipEout? Elephunk? Where are all the PSOne games that Sony could make a killing from if they bothered to make them available? Why can’t Sony combine the US and UK Stores, we both speak the same language (of sorts 😉 )! Localisation should not be an issue in that sense.

My main issue with PS3 games in the past was with the crappy ports that we were fed but that situation is less of an issue (although not totally eradicated) at this present time.

The areas where I feel Sony has failed to improve upon (aside from what I’ve already mentioned) are PSN related, such as the lack of in-game XMB access, customisable soundtracks and the ability to chat to your friends regardless of what you are doing or what games you are playing.

The forthcoming release of Firmware 2.40 should solve some of those issues but Sony still has a lot of work to do to realise the PS3’s full potential.

I’m very happy with my PS3 but I can see where Sony needs to make improvements and I haven’t even touched upon the backwards compatibility issue, various HDD sizes for different regions, their PR shenanigans and the need for price cuts etc.

To answer my own question of whether I think the PS3 has evolved since I got it, my answer would have to be no, not in the areas that matter to me.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Ars Technica and my views?