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Codemasters on F1

After watching yesterday’s event-filled F1 race in Montreal, it was nice to see some F1 game related news today.

The Official Formula 1 Website got a chance to recently ask Codemasters some pretty boring questions about the upcoming Formula 1 game. Remember that Sony gave up on the F1 license after producing the PS3 launch-era F1 game. Now Codemasters has the license and is planning to put something out next year. I hope that they do a lot better with it than Sony did. I was quite disappointed by the lack of any splitscreen support, and the fact that you could actually drive right through computer players when racing online.

Check out the link below for the full, but short, interview. Here’s a snippet:

Q: What new features can we expect to see on the game?
What we’re trying to achieve here is to take Formula One gaming around the world and in terms of the technological aspect, that’s largely related to online developments. Another thing is car damage, or as we call it, deformation. This is a real racing experience and we all know what people want (and expect) – if there is a collision and that car spins off the track, through the gravel, into the tyres, they want to see that actually happening. It’s a big consumer buzz and so we’ll put things in like that and give it a different perspective.

The future of F1 videogames – exclusive with Codemasters’ Rod Cousens