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dark Sector Impressions

I expected another mediocre shooter. Instead, I played another well done and surprisingly good shooter, but short of great.


  • Excellent presentation. The graphics and overall presentation are absolutely excllent. The models, lighting, camera, and effects are great. I’d say that it’s a cut below the current reigning leaders of presentation and polish (Uncharted, CoD4, and Ratchet & Clank), but it’s above everything else.
  • Simple, yet fun gameplay. Fairly standard shooter fare.
  • Few unique touches. The glaive is cool. Many of the power-ups are neat. Some of the boss fights and enemies were fun and felt like a unique take on common gameplay elements.
  • This is kind of like a better version of The Darkness. They are both dark comic book style 3D shooters with lots of cool special effects and special super-powers. The Darkness was more ambitious, had more variety, but this was simpler and (for me) more fun to play through.
  • It’s better than most other 3D shooters. I’ll avoid bashing named titles, but I’ve played six other recent PS3 3D shooters of this exact sort and this is a far better game than those.



  • There are better alternatives. If you want to play one single player campaign 3D shooter on the PS3, play Resistance (or wait for the sequel). If you want to try some more shooters, play Uncharted (shooter/adventure), Ratchet (cartoony shooter/platformer), and Kane & Lynch (curse-laden action movie shooter). If you don’t like those, or just want to try another, this is a great pick.
  • Story is lame. It’s not annoying, it doesn’t get in the way of the game, it’s completely skippable/ignorable, but it’s just generic comic book pulp.
  • Too generic and not enough innovation. There are some small innvoations, a bunch of cool touches, and the custom graphic engine gives it a nicely different feel from being another Unreal Engine game. But ultimately, it still felt too much like any other shooter.