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15jun08 - What I’m Playing

It’s a lazy Sunday so I thought I’d pop out a quick post about what I’ve been playing on my PS3 lately. (In the last month or two.) I’ll divide the list up into two groups:

What I’m Playing Solo

I’m a social gamer, so I don’t get much solo time in playing video games. But when I do, I usually play the following:

Rock Band – by far the most
CoD4 – sometimes
Super Stardust HD – sometimes

What I’m Playing Group

I actually play with one other friend of mine quite a bit, and we are now playing:

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Co-op – by far the most right now
Gran Turismo Prologue
SEGA Rally Revo
Rock Band – sometimes
LEGO Star Wars – sometimes
Pain – sometimes

When there’s four of us playing, we usually choose from among:

Rock Band
Calling All Cars

What’s filling up your plate these days? I’m especially interested in any group play that’s going on out there. I have a feeling otherwise most of you will just say MGS4 or GTAIV. 🙂

PS I’ll probably be getting MGS4 for Father’s Day, so that’ll probably be on my solo list until I get stuck.